Buying CBD for the First Time? Read This Guide First

This article is originally published at SundayScaries. Like with medical marijuana, the wonderful world of CBD can be slightly overwhelming for a newbie and with the mainstream media going crazy for its health benefits, more and more companies are popping up selling a variety of different CBD products, such as CBD vape, the vape pen,Continue reading “Buying CBD for the First Time? Read This Guide First”

Research Compendium

How do you sort through the massive amounts of information available online about cannabis? Simple, start here! We at Jersey City Cannabis have scoured the internet and put together a compendium of useful links about various cannabis topics! CBD Frequently Asked Questions Endoca has a great FAQ. So does Project CBD and they also haveContinue reading “Research Compendium”

A Guide to Choosing a Quality CBD Oil

My journey to find a high quality CBD oil began with a friend recommending that I try “CBD” to help with my recent anxiety driven insomnia. So, I hopped on Amazon and tried to search for this “miracle supplement” – CBD. I was immediately overwhelmed by the various formulations, dosage labeling, and fancy, elaborate, marketingContinue reading “A Guide to Choosing a Quality CBD Oil”

A Short Guide to CBD Formulations

CBD is commonly available in oils, softgels, vapes, edibles, and creams. In this blog post, I’ll go through these common forms and provide a bit of background on how they are consumed and share with you what method I choose to use. Please check out our CBD Basics blog post for background information on CBD.Continue reading “A Short Guide to CBD Formulations”

CBD Basics

What is CBD? To understand CBD, you must first understand Cannabis. Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants. The number of species in the genus is disputed, but three species have become widely known: C. Sativa, C. Indica, and C. Ruderalis. Historically, the genus has been referred to as Hemp and has been grown byContinue reading “CBD Basics”