Jersey City Cannabis & The Liberty Leaf

Jersey City Cannabis was born in December 2018 when I chose to use Instagram to create a cannabis community. The purpose of the page was to educate and inform Jersey City and the surrounding communities of the latest developments in legalization efforts and generally about the hundreds of Cannabis products being marketed on a daily basis. It has since grown to be an all encompassing page discussing cannabis news across the country, politics, investments, trends, product recommendations, and so on.

Eventually, when Cannabis is legalized for recreational use in New Jersey, I hope to use the page to highlight local businesses and the city’s offerings.

I knew right from the start that I wanted a logo that embodied the community’s objectives, Jersey City culture, and Cannabis in a unique way.

The idea for the logo came to me one morning as I was looking out my bedroom window at the Statue of Liberty. As a lifelong resident of Jersey City, you become accustomed to seeing the NYC skyline and the Statue and rarely think twice. This morning however, I had the page on my mind and the idea just sparked (pun intended?).

Lady Liberty represents liberty, freedom, opportunity, and knowledge; everything that Cannabis can bring to our city and country! From the chains of oppression, smashed, that lay at her feet to the torch that guides the way, the symbolism and parallels with the cannabis movement is undeniable.

To so many, legalization represents the opportunity to right the wrongs that has been done to minority communities. To others, legalization represents the freedom to choose what goes into one’s own body and exploration of natural remedies.

The Cannabis industry brings tremendous opportunity to NJ and in particular, Jersey City, where the mayor is pro-legalization and is already taking the steps to appropriately zone the city for cannabis. There are several events that occur in Jersey City like Cannagather, Meet&Green, and others on a monthly basis.

Finally, one of the main objectives of the this community page is to educate and inform. Research and education will be the torch that moves the cannabis industry forward and help create the new normal; a world where the presence of Cannabis and Hemp are part of every day society and free of negative stigma.

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