Research Compendium

How do you sort through the massive amounts of information available online about cannabis? Simple, start here!

We at Jersey City Cannabis have scoured the internet and put together a compendium of useful links about various cannabis topics!

CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Endoca has a great FAQ. So does Project CBD and they also have a very helpful user’s guide.

Guide to Choosing a Quality CBD product

This one can be tough and that is why we put together our guide, which is the best we’ve come across! An alternative can be found at Remedy Review.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis

Our go to guide can be found at DISA and covers every state, recreational and medicinal.

Cannabis Investing News

Our go to site is The Street.

Cannabis (THC) Strains Guide

The most comprehensive guide can be found at Leafly. The guide details the medicinal purposes, effects, negatives, taste, and even grow information on every strain you are bound to come across. It’s the ultimate guide.

Cannabis Clinical Trials

Clinical trials information can be found at here and at the National Institute of Health site (just type Marijuana or Cannabis and search!).

Cannabis Research Results

The latest research is tracked and published by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

How do you grow Cannabis?

Leafly has a great guide for beginners, but our favorite read is at PotGuide.

Medical Marijuana Cards

The best site to visit to learn more is MarijuanaDoctors. New Jersey’s guide can be found here. New York’s, here.

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